Clarify your brand.
Master your social presence.
Grow your business.

I help entrepreneurs overcome social media burnout/overwhelm so they can finally stop hearing crickets and start attracting their ideal clients!


As a digital brand strategist and social media coach/consultant, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business online so they can finally make a living doing what they love.  

As a former TV reporter, I know the value of telling a powerful story that resonates with an audience. My additional background as a media relations/social media specialist taught me how to use storytelling to grow a brand's presence online in a way that generates a sense of community. After helping my mom (who knew ZERO about social media) grow an online tribe for her brand new food truck in just a few short months, I knew I wanted to help other business owners do the same! Now, through one-on-one coaching sessions, strategy calls, and written content, I've been fortunate enough to connect with unbelievable entrepreneurs near and far.  

And the journey is only beginning...

Stephanie sitting at table outside, on laptop, taking notes

My services are most effective for business owners who want to do
one or more of the following:

  • Grow your audience beyond your friends and family
  • Stop constantly worrying about what to post next
  • Become consistent on social without feeling burnt out
  • Generate leads into your business while you sleep


"Stephanie is amazing! She dropped so many gems and turned an Instagram skeptic into a believer. I had all but given up on posting on Instagram but she explained so simply what I was doing wrong and how to fix it.

She addressed my misconceptions about the platform and provided me with tools and tips to go forward. I now feel empowered to create social media content in my niche geared towards my target audience. I am so grateful!"

- Mel B. (@banks_sustainability)

"I had no clue where to start in building my social media proof/presence. I knew I needed to post, but wasn't sure what content to focus on and when to post it.

Stephanie has given me the confidence and an action-plan to make great moves with my business. I highly recommend working with her to help you and your business!"

- Sabrina B. (@sabattackscrafts)

"Since working with Stephanie I've actually gained confidence within my brand. Before, I believed in my messaging but I never thought anyone would take it seriously. Her calls and training contributed heavily into how I now see myself. I now not only see my value in my brand but in myself as a creator and owner."

- Carlisha H. (@c.vered20)

When I first started working with Stephanie, I had no marketing strategy, I was afraid of Instagram, and I was basically spinning in circles and getting nowhere. This course was so amazingly helpful! Each week of the program built on the previous one, so nothing felt too overwhelming.

My brand look is becoming more integrated, I've accumulated a bunch of new followers on IG, my posts are more useful and brand-reflective, and I might actually understand Stories!

- Rebecca D. (@littlemonstersleep)


Not sure why your social media content isn't getting the attention you want it to? For a limited time, I'm offering FREE 30-minute Content Audits! Together, we can figure out what mistakes you might be making and come up with an action plan to get you un-stuck.